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 Who / what is Light Year Productions?

An interstellar experiential agency! Light Year Productions (LYP) and our extended team of industry professionals are guided by our commitment to create authentic, engaging and unforgettable events, inspired by challenging the status quo and making the impossible possible. LYP is all about creating consumer experiences that are more than memorable, we’re aiming to create events that are perception changing.

Which three words best describes Light Year Productions?

1. Innovative

2. Genuine

3. Passionate


Tell us a little about one of your most memorable projects you’ve worked on:

Would have to be a media event Social Lion produced for a watch brand in Sydney. It took place on Cockatoo Island, although this wasn’t revealed to the audience who were only told to meet at Circular Quay. (Love a good old fashioned mystery event!). As the audience approached on the ferry they saw a light show and brand logo projected on to the outside of an old naval building. It was a visually incredible brand ‘moment’. Upon arrival guests were escorted to the venue by stunt motorbike riders. Adventurer James Castrission was the keynote speaker, telling the inspiring story of his record breaking journey across Antarctica to go with the adventure theme!
(We had some crazy adventures behind the scenes of this event to!)  and a killer cocktail party for a finale! The event incorporated all of my fav event elements into one night!


 A great day begins with?

Coffee and inspiring tunes!

If you were a brand, which brand would you be and why?

Thankyou. A brilliant social enterprise, born in Melbourne, and a great example of positive branding.


 Who or what inspires you? Where do you look for inspiration?

Cinema and music are my two main go-to’s for inspiration. Christopher Nolan is my favourite director (genius!) and in terms of music I’m loving Lorde and Gang of Youths.
I love that Lorde is turning pop music on it’s arse! (Ok yes and Kylie – always Kylie).

What can’t you get enough of right now?

Travel, travel and maybe a bit more travel. I’ve been lucky enough to have travelled extensively in Europe and the U.S. One of my favourite spots is in the French Alps, the beautiful village of Chamonix at the bottom of Mont Blanc, I’ve been there three times and I don’t even ski! I do love a good Aussie road trip too.


Where would you host your dream event?

The Forum in Melbourne. Incredible venue, my favourite!

What would be your dream event brief?

Definitely a charity/fundraiser event that incorporated live music, dance and killer AV and lighting design. As an industry I really feel we need to give back and contribute to our communities whether it be via our time or our dime. (Oh and with Kylie as keynote speaker and guest performer haha!)

What colour palette are you loving?

Autumnal colours, gold, mauve and deep red. Warm colours.

What is the best mistake you have ever made?

We took on a project once, a festival of sorts, all taking place in regional Vic, with very limited access to ANYTHING!
No wifi, no mobile service, even the satellite phones didn’t work! Was back to absolute basics. Oh and it went for 4 x days. It was more than a challenge but as is often the way, the more challenging the event got, the closer our team became and the more determined we became to pull off a fantastic event – and we did!
Some amazing learnings from that gig that have definitely stayed with me and shaped me as a producer.

DEH: Gen X say WT@


What helps you sleep at night?

Separating my environments! As soon as I get home and walk through the front door I (mostly) switch off and try to stop thinking about work. I don’t check emails or even turn on my laptop, even if it means I’m at the office till late to get everything sorted. A couple of chapters of whatever I’m reading in bed is an essential part of the ritual too. (Can I also say temazapan?)

DEH: Yes you can!

Some of my local faves are…

Cookie, always great food and atmosphere, it’s been a haunt of mine for years. I also love The Blackman Hotel, it’s part of the art series, it has a great energy, great spaces. I also love Higher Ground on Little Bourke. NGV anytime, and the beautiful Sun Theatre in Yarraville.


Which Dann Event Hire piece is your favourite?

We used the Nero velvet lounge pieces at an event as part of Fashion Week.
We’re very excited, they’re so chic and lush. Great colours.

If you were a piece of furniture which would you be? Why?

A display unit; always changing and evolving. As versatile as your imagination, able to go from vintage to contemporary in a flash.



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