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 Who/what is Nomad Styling, and what is your role/s within the company?

Shonel Bryant

 Nomad styling is a bespoke design and styling business, we specialise in events and photoshoots, but are always open to new ventures and project concepts. I am the owner and creative director and am heavily involved in every single project regardless of the size. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Shonel bryant

Which three words best describes you?

1. Wanderer

2. Passionate

3. Nomad

Tell us a little about one of your most memorable projects you’ve worked on

We worked on a wedding out at Butterland last season and we had a custom 2m x 2m wall weaving as the ceremony backdrop. It quite literally took your breath away. The talented girls from Warped threads really brought our vision to life perfectly. This wedding also featured a unique concept of a pressed flower seating chart, it’s been our most talked about design element of any wedding we have created and we love seeing other peoples versions of it pop up all over the place.

What are your favourite trends of the moment?

When it comes to weddings, we really try to avoid trends as it’s about finding what’s right for the couple to represent who they are. It’s happened before, that what’s right for the couple is absolutely on trend, this is never a conscious decision from our end; it’s just what fits for our clients.

My own house is very organic and has lots of collected bits and pieces from our travels, I love having these things on show, as they are a constant reminder of beautiful memories we have made over the years.



What colour palette are you loving?

I simply adore putting together colour palettes and surfaces. I find more often than not, the space we’re working in is the main influence for the colour palette- unless the client has a strong sense of what they want.

Our first wedding of the upcoming season has a moody palette of deep purples, shades of grey, dark greens and tarnished silver; it has us seeing the world in shades of grey at the moment. Haha! Moody palettes are definitely my personal favourite to put together. You can’t help but ‘feel’ in moody spaces.

What can’t you get enough of right now?

Handcrafted ceramics, each piece is just so unique and truly beautiful. I love things that you feel compelled to reach out and touch.



Who or what inspires you? Where do you look for inspiration?

Anything that has a story; character; has lived a previous life. I’m inspired by the weathered walls in Morocco, the way smoke blows when you blow out candles; movement is a huge inspiration for me. I love fluidity and all things wild and organic. I am inspired by music, fine art photography, textures, even just the ‘feeling’ in a certain moment. Inspiration is all around us; we just need to stop looking for it in its most traditional forms.

What would be your dream creative project?

Honestly it would be a small intimate photoshoot. But just working alongside other truly inspiring creatives, bouncing ideas and just growing. It’s not necessarily the biggest budget events that I love the most (though they are amazing), I love intimacy, personal growth and I adore working on the spot.  It’s when I really shine. Photoshoots are great for this.



Name your favourite local location

Generally I prefer the quirkier smaller places. We are based in Geelong (despite a lot of our work being in Melbourne) and there is a lovely little French restaurant called Bistro St Jean. The food is divine, the staff are lovely and it has such a warm and intimate feeling in there, that’s what we look for. The experience in a space and how it makes us feel. That’s exactly what we try to create for our clients, it’s not only the visuals, it’s the feeling we create through clever design.

What do you do to get away from it all?

To be honest, I’m still working on that! I’ve been wanting to take a pottery class for so long and keep putting it off due to what seems to be a shortage of time. However its high on my priority list now and I’m looking forward to making it happen. I always adore spending time with my family and loved ones, however I need another creative escape as well.



Which Dann Event Hire piece is your favourite?

This frequently changes as do their collections, but currently I would say the loft collection. I’m obsessed with leather at the moment and it’s ticking a lot of boxes for me.

If you were a piece of furniture which would you be? Why?

I would have to say either a beautiful Vintage Persian rug or a weathered tan leather couch. I love that I would have provided comfort to others for many many years, that I would get better with age and have more and more character as the time went on. Either way I would have many lifetimes of amazing stories to tell.



What is your number one tip for couples getting married?

Chose vendors that resonate with you. Nomad styling isn’t for everyone and we embrace that. We take on limited work per year and we want those jobs to be with the clients who are the perfect fit for us and us to them. We actually often send on clients to other stylists once we find out their needs if we don’t feel as though we are the best choice for them.

Getting all the right people involved in your day is crucial, It will make for the best day of your life even better.

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