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 Who/what is Willett Marketing, and what is your role within the company?

Laura Burnham

Willett Marketing are skilled specialists in Events, Activations, Social and Digital campaigns and Partnership Management.

I’m the Director of Partnerships and Events.

Schweppes Flemington

Which three words best describes you?

1. Hard working

2. Creative

3. Loud!

Tell us a little about one of your most memorable projects you’ve worked on

Without a doubt in my mind it was in 2011 for L’Oreal Paris Australia. We used to do over 8 product launches each year and in 2011, they decided to do 1 large launch called the “Summit of Innovation” and treat 25 Beauty Editors to 3 days at Qualia on Hamilton Island. We launched product after product, each in their own environment and each with their own tone of voice. It was the first of its kind – no other beauty brand had ever done it and since then, it’s become the benchmark for the ultimate beauty product launch. I haven’t worked so hard on an event since!

What are your favourite trends of the moment?

Absolutely the social activations that are starting to pop up at events. Social media is making all event managers push boundaries and think outside the box so that we can get cut through in a pretty crowded event space.  Also, I’m loving the resurgence of florals into events! We recently used Glasshaus in Cremorne for a Dan Murphy’s Cocktail event and the greenery and florals blew the guests away as they entered.

Dan Murphy Glasshaus tile

What colour palette are you loving?

Soft blush tones and anything in velvet! We’ve sadly just had to start dismantling the stunning L’Oreal Powder Room out at Flemington which was a haven of blush pink linen banquettes, gold lighting, gloss black facade and marble details. It’s one of my favourite spaces we’ve ever built and was so proud to work with the team Georgeous to bring the Power Room back to life after 6 years!

Viktor and Rolf v2

What can’t you get enough of right now?

After the Spring Racing Carnival…. Flat shoes!!!

Loreal paris Flemington tile

What is the best mistake you have ever made?

I accidently dropped a pouch of saffron into my porridge one morning…. I’ve never looked back!

Asahi tile

Who or what inspires you? Where do you find inspiration?

Instagram. I follow so many different brands/people/blogs on Instagram from all around the world. If I see something amazing being done at an event in England, I can use the idea here right??

Where would you host your dream event?

Hawaii – achieved PYSP Next stop… Italy

Activation tile

What do you do to get away from it all?

Travel to Italy!

Name your favourite Melbourne location

NGV on St Kilda Rd. Most weekends I tram into the city and wander around the Gallery. I always find new pieces depending on my mood– it’s incredible! We’ve worked really closely with the team at NGV over the last 3 years through the Bank of Melbourne partnership with Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition in 2013 and more recently Viktor & Rolf. The Great Hall is an exquisite space to transform for events!

Viktor and Rolf tile

Which Dann Event Hire piece is your favourite?

The Lucienne range. We were looking at this range for our recent Bar Schweppes marquee in the Birdcage at Flemington and fell in love with the circular design, velvets and gold trims.

If you were a piece of furniture which would you be? Why?

Probably a heavy dining table– strong and hard to budge!



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From the team at Dann’s we want to congratulate Willett on the incredible achievement of celebrating 25 years, producing and executing amazing events year in, year out.


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