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Welcome to Dann Event Hire, a certified carbon-neutral event hire company that embraces a forward-thinking, design-led, innovative approach. We pride ourselves on being visionaries, innovators, and slightly avant-garde in our approach. Every year, we set new industry standards by introducing captivating furniture, structures and hospitality ranges. We make environmentally conscious choices and have curated a range of sustainable furniture ranges, helping to bring sustainability and design to your event.

Our clientele demands excellence and a point of difference, and we consistently deliver by pushing boundaries and venturing beyond our comfort zone. At Dann Event Hire, we excel at bringing the unimaginable to life, showcasing our commitment to creativity and innovation in the event hire industry.


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At Dann Event Hire, we transcend the boundaries – we create, we reinvent, we repurpose. Be inspired by these amazing events — then add your twist.

meet the newbies.

meet the newbies.

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