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Riviera Chair – Black / Outdoor

From $60.50

.43m W x .53m D x .93m H Seat Height: .48m H

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(frame includes seat pad only)

With the Summer breeze in our hair and a chilled rosé in hand, our sun kissed souls long to be basking in the European sun. The undeniable appeal of the French Riviera is it’s relaxed yet sophisticated aesthetic. By paying homage to the timeless nature of French Mid-Century design, this collection aims to embody the deep cultural values of the Mediterranean coastline. The key was to find a simplistic balance between the iconic embellishments, vibrant pastels and playful forms that are often seen along the Côte d’Azur. Complimentary materials have been carefully refined to add further depth and complexity to each piece. *Note render is indicative only
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