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We all go through challenging times in life, meditation is a technique that has supported Nick and I during those challenging moments and now has become a daily ritual. Meditation is about training in awareness and getting a healthy perspective on life. It’s not about turning off your thoughts or feelings it’s learning to observe them without judgment.


As we work towards rebuilding our business post covid and the events industry begins to slowly rebuild, we acknowledge that our people have also gone through a very challenging time. Nick and I along with our staff have signed up for MINDFUL IN MAY, a global initiative learning from some of the worlds leading mindful experts. The money paid for us and our staff to participate in this initiative goes towards improving the lives of those living in poverty by bringing clean water to those in need.
Director, Francesca


Scientific research shows that regular meditation actually changes your brain – improving focus, decision making, memory, resilience and creativity. Covid was brutal to our industry and it’s been wonderful to tap into a meditation practice to support us through those challenging times.


If you would like to participate too, click here

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